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I’m a Swedish film photographer based in Skåne.  Click here to learn more about me.

Photo by Anna Hertze.

About me

I’m Joakim Hertze, a psychiatrist specializing in cognitive disorders, with a PhD in clinical neurosciences and an itch to create images. I’m married with two kids and I live in southern Sweden, where spring comes early, summers are temperamentful, autumns have a mind of their own and snow in the winter cannot be taken for granted.

Much to my surprise, I prefer fountain pens, the smell of fine stationary, smaller cars, pine trees and capturing light on celluloid rather than with digital sensors. I also have an unrequited love for hats.

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Do you want to hire me? I’m available as a part of a creative partnership with my wife over at joakimoanna.se.

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You’re always welcome to contact me at social@hertze.com, or by using this form:

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